Tel Aviv Chiropractor Serves in Sderot Israel
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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

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Tel Aviv Chiropractor Serves in Sderot Israel

By Michael Dorausch, DC

Dr. Ronen Mendi, a chiropractor in Israel, travels to the South District to provide care to children and their families in the city of Sderot. The city is located less than a mile from Gaza and has been an ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. The article was converted from Hebrew to English and originally appeared in Israeli local news on August 4th. Those seeking to view the piece in Hebrew can access it here.

Following is the translated version...
Community Brought Relief to Sderot's Children
By Michal Ron

In her duty as member of the management of "Nitzan" Hadera (an organization that supports and guides ADHD children) with the purpose of relieving stress of the children in Sderot, the member of the municipality Hedva Yeheakeli drove to Sderot with Dr. Ronen Mendi the chiropractor.

An occasional meeting of Dr. Mendi with Hedva Yehezkeli has created a visit to Sderot.

There are people who know at a young age exactly what they would do once they grow up. One of them is Dr. Mendi' that knew at the age of 13 that he should be a chiropractor and bring relief to people, and will save them of back pain, mental anxieties, stresses, and give them hope.

Dr. Mendi has reached this decision after he was in a severe car accident at the age of 13 years old. After it the physician who took care of him - has told that his life is going to change and that he should be an invalid from the waist down. A pediatrist he consulted with in Eilat has told them - that that was what medicine knows, yet they should consult a chiropractor.

The chiropractor gave Ronen the power of his feet back, he has returned to stand and received his life back as a present.

Since than he wants to give this present to others and to give them their life back as a present. He says "This is my calling".

Dr Mendi: "Anxiety is the acute response to unpredicted events. When one doesn't control things that happen around them, a Kasam Bomb arrives and you can barely find a cover, in order to rescue your life. The body is in a constant stress. At some point the body gives up and resorts to apathy and depression. Here I come in and with my hands adjust the nervous system and the brain stem and reinsert new energy to the system."

 ronen mendy at sderot

"This action only takes a few minutes" explains Dr. Mendi, "I put my fingers in the region of the brain stem, where I find problematic points of interference and no nerve communication, asserts minimal pressure and ask the client to take full 3 breaths and than actually the breathing system' that is being adjusted by me, release the interference and the nervous system begins to correct itself. So with the touch of hand, in the right places of the brain stem that release the interferences that have been created over the years, and the treated feels major relief."

With chiropractic says Dr. Mendi, there is no need for lengthy conversation, you only need to touch and to know exactly how and where to push.

Hedva Yehezkeli was impressed by the success of Dr. Mendi, and heard of his desire to take care of children who suffer great stress and as of her position in the management of Nitzan in Hadera, with the Chairwoman of Nitzan in Hadera - Ada Levi, they arranged a meeting with Nitzan management in Sderot about the desire to get to Sderot and help Nitzan's children and their families, with relieving stress and anxieties with the special care of Dr. Mendi.

From here on the way was short, Yehezkeli and Dr. Mendi, drove to Sderot, there they have been received with welcome by the management of Nitzan, the kids and their families. Dr. Mendi has talked to the big crowd and presented the way chiropractic can influence immediately and relieve stress and anxiety.

After the explanation Dr. Mendi started to take care of the children and their parents, and within 2 hours took care of more than 20 families. All the care was designed to reduce the pressure those people live in and especially the children, in order to bring them relief, that helps especially attention and concentration.

In the conclusion of the visit, the management of Nitzan thanked Dr. Mendi and the municipal member - Hadva Yehezkeli for their welcome initiative, and all have asked them to visit again.

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The chiropractor featured in the article...

Dr. Ronen Mendi, Chiropractor
Doctor of the Nervous System
Tel Aviv
+972 (4) 636 3880
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