Less Pain, Less Labor Time
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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Less Pain, Less Labor Time


(This article is not meant to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any particular condition. Please consult with a qualified Chiropractor or MD in individual cases.)


Research relates that close to 60% of pregnant women will experience back pain, noted more among younger women with a previous history of back pain, and among women who have had three children or more. The entire curvature of the spine will shift its center of gravity, with alterations in posture due to natural weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Modified Chiropractic adjusting procedures can reduce back pain during pregnancy, and also results in a reduction of mean labor time, and the recovery period.


Before initiating chiropractic treatment of the pregnant patient, the DC will take a thorough history. Certainly, if a patient even suspects that she is pregnant during the initial consultation, x-rays would be avoided, as well as any therapeutic modality that might induce early contractions or a miscarriage. For overall health considerations, the woman should avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and caffeine; and she should take a Folic Acid supplement for at least three months before she is intending on getting pregnant, in order to avoid neural defects.


The following recommendations of activity and exercise apply throughout the pregnancy, in order to ease the discomfort and promote a healthy birth:

   1. Strengthening of the abdominal muscles
   2. Generalized stretching in the pelvic area to improve bladder control and tonicity
   3. Stretches to ease calf cramping and ankle swelling
   4. Stretching and strengthening of the postural neck musculature, to reduce tension headaches


If you already exercise on a regular basis, don’t stop, rather be aware of the changing baseline of your body as your pregnancy progresses.


The patient should also be aware of other health issues that may occur during the pregnancy. For example, the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, common in either the second or third trimester, and usually resolves spontaneously after the birth. In addition, as the ligaments loosen to prepare for birth, a trochanteric belt may be necessary during activity, to stabilize the area.


Pregnancy demands an alteration of lifestyle, physically and emotionally. You may have to buy a more supportive bra, or experiment with comfortable sleeping positions. A woman who is used to working full time, wearing the power suit and the two inch heels, may have to cut down on her hours, and wear what my patients call “ugly shoes.”  You may find yourself forgetting key information or snapping in anger; that would be the hormones.


As the birth gets closer and the fetus pushes down on the bladder and up towards the diaphragm, a pregnant woman may find the need to increase the frequency of Chiropractic visits. If your baby has not turned by the end of the eighth month, the non-invasive and effective Webster Turning Technique can help.


A healthy mother, surrounded by a stress-free environment, can bring a beautiful child into the world. Insure proper care and awareness before, after and during the pregnancy.

Copywrited Dr. Leah Leeder and Commonwealth Chiropractic Jerusalem (www.commchiro.com), 2008: Originally published on www.chirocitizen.blogspot.com/ Reproduced and disseminated with the author’s permission.
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